A Recap of Adobe Summit 2023 With Emily Wilhoit

Adobe Summit 2023 was back in person this year. Attendees explored topics such as content supply chain, generative AI, personalization at scale, product experience, and so much more!

If you couldn’t attend the event and want the inside scoop on all things Summit, this episode is for you. Emily Wilhoit, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Acorn iCi, joins us to discuss the event’s themes, takeaways, and learnings.

About Emily Wilhoit:
Emily is The Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Acorn iCi, an Infosys company. In her nine years at the company, she has held multiple leadership roles across sales, marketing and partnerships. She has played a critical role in elevating the Blue Acorn iCi brand to its current status as one of the top digital experience organizations in North America. Her long tenure in partnerships and marketing allows her to share unbiased perspectives on all things digital experience.

Listeners will learn the following:

  • The overarching themes of Adobe Summit 2023.
  • How Adobe Summit 2023 will drive the industry forward.
  • The biggest buzzwords and technology that was shared during the event.

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