Infosys AMI Service Offerings for Seamless Implementation of AMI Programs

Advanced Metering Infrastructure or A M I offers advanced features like smart, edge-computing devices that enables real-time understanding of how energy is generated and consumed across the grid. It introduces a new generation of smart meters with the potential to act as a control gateway for Distributed Energy Resources (D E RS) managed by the customer, allowing real-time monitoring capabilities for utilities across electricity, gas, and water.

While A M I programs offer many benefits, implementing Utilities A M I programs has its fair share of complexities. Infosys A M I service offerings are designed to help accelerate the client’s A M I journey. The objective is to reduce the client A M I operations effort by 30-40% while making businesses cost-efficient through a robust IT operations framework.

Infosys A M I service offerings for utilities focus on A M I trends to create a next-generation grid that caters to utility-focused areas and customers’ expectations. So far, Infosys has successfully replaced legacy systems and implemented A M I programs for some of the largest utility companies across the globe.