Energy Transition

Approximately two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are attributed to the supply and use of energy from fossil fuels. Energy decarbonization is imperative to transition to a more sustainable future.

Infosys, a digital energy orchestrator, partners with leading energy companies in their energy transition journeys. Our dedicated Energy Transition practice enables grid modernization, renewable energy integration, and low-carbon and carbon sequestration through digital solutions for energy companies. We also enable sustainable transportation, reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, and navigate net zero journeys across industry sectors.

We co-create energy transition solutions with global enterprises. We also partner with leading technology enterprises, innovative start-ups, industrial consortia and global academic institutes, including Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and The Industry IoT Consortium.

Infosys is a member of the advisory board of Bits & Watts, a Stanford University initiative bringing together research teams to develop an innovative electric grid. We are the digital innovation partner of The Sustainability Project by Economist Impact, part of The Economist Group. We also partner with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Infosys Living Labs and Digital Studios enable enterprises to develop bespoke green solutions, Industry 4.0 use cases, and machine learning-driven predictive models to navigate sustainable growth.