Infosys Generative AI Labs

Helping enterprises lead the generative revolution across digital, human and ethical dimensions

Generative AI will reinvent business, technology and people. But to lead in this new era, one must mould generative AI to reimagine the digital enterprise, redefine our human capability, and reinforce AI ethics, all while driving rapid technology innovation.

Infosys Generative AI Labs, part of Infosys Topaz, makes this possible by bringing together ready-to-use industry solutions, a large partner ecosystem, and responsible design frameworks. Empowering everyone within and beyond the enterprise to make change happen as they imagine it.

Reimagine digital enterprise with ready-to-use industry solutions and accelerators
By embedding generative AI into enterprise systems and applications, businesses can make big leaps in the digital journey and reimagine everything from contact center experiences to legacy modernization.

With early investments, strong partnerships and mature offerings, Infosys can enable businesses to alter the pace of change in their digital journey. Across industries, Infosys’ generative AI solutions can disrupt normals and deliver value, from automating reports for clinical trials to personalizing content for apparel marketing. For a financial services leader, Infosys is using semantic search to help wealth managers find insights from over 10,0000 documents in an instant, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Redefine human capability by empowering people to coexist and cocreate
Infosys’ belief has long been that humans spot problems while machines solve them. With generative AI, businesses can truly empower people. Making them not just coexist, but cocreate to amplify creativity and boost productivity.

Infosys is enabling the art of possible with generative AI tools, which are manifesting possibilities as wide ranging as code conversion and experience personalization, amplifying human potential to achieve far greater outcomes. Infosys enables medical writers at a US-based biopharma major to automate summarization of clinical trial reports using large language models, reducing manual effort by 30%.

Reinforce AI ethics and derisk using responsible design frameworks
Even as generative AI creates breakthrough opportunities, it must be adopted with ethical consideration and designed for risk mitigation. AI requires moderation and fortification to be built in at every step, be it data sources or output interfaces.

Responsible by design as part of derisk is a key tenet to Infosys’ applied AI approach. With a comprehensive framework, risk management is modelled centrally for bias and hallucination, while governance is adapted constantly to meet legal, security and privacy guidelines. Third-party partnerships also enable faster integration of new compliance models. For a large research university that uses automated help desk agents to answer student queries, Infosys frameworks analyze bias in responses and redact toxicity.

Breakthrough innovation will come from weaving generative AI across the technology stack, augmenting existing systems and accelerating outcomes for a truly adaptive enterprise. With Infosys Generative AI Labs, enterprises can achieve impactful shifts in everything from code creation to experience transformation and beyond. Infosys is taking an AI-first approach and is applying the power of generative AI, analytics and cloud to accelerate its own enterprise transformation.

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