Infosys Sustainability Services

At Infosys Sustainability practice, we believe that sustainability and technology are inseparable imperatives for any business. Therefore, we proactively identify opportunities across the enterprise value chain for digital intervention to accelerate sustainability and community benefit. Infosys brings one-of-a-kind partnership potential to our engagements, from corporate strategy, compliance, and implementation to establishing a sustainability-first culture.

Our value proposition:

  • Unmatched delivery capabilities across business units and industry segments. We can help consolidate IT initiatives, improve IT resource efficiency, and create (and manage) a virtuous cycle of data-driven innovation.
  • As one of the world’s first carbon-neutral companies in our domain, we have deep, tried-and-tested expertise in practicing sustainability at a scale that shines in each engagement. In addition, working with Infosys has low to no impact on our client’s indirect (Scope 3) emissions.
  • We are an ongoing source of global thought leadership and influence across industries due to our key partnerships with institutions of research, innovation and public policy. Our partners include the World Economic Forum and The Economist.
  • Our unparalleled breadth and depth of strategic partnerships for products, platforms, services, and innovation ensures our clients get best-in-class solutions for their problems. The roster of partners includes all major ecosystem players, from hyper-scalers to niche startups, as well as public and impact sector players.

The future of business is digital, and we firmly believe that the future of business should also be sustainable.

Full Stack Sustainability Partnership with Infosys

Technology will be the driving and enabling force behind all substantive sustainability efforts, in all pillars. Infosys brings consulting-led, enterprise-wide technology solutions to bring scale to sustainability initiatives.

Full Stack Sustainability Partnership with Infosys