How we helped our client rethink customer innovations at the convergence of physical and digital, for providing a seamless banking experience.

Banking today is all about delivering a holistic customer experience. When one of Infosys’s long-term clients, a large bank, with over 50 million customers, wished to enhance their online banking services, we knew just what we had to tap into.

To develop new services for customers with different digital behaviours, as well as cater to the more traditional audience, Infosys bought in a two-tier innovation approach. Disruptive innovation for creating entirely new banking experiences, and incremental innovation for enhancing the existing ones, digitally.

With a focus on mobile technology, we bought in unique and feature-rich mobile banking experiences, developing not only apps but the middleware that would provide platform-agnostic services for various mobile platforms. Our Innovation Lab ensured that lifecycles of prototypes were shorter and the execution of fail-proof ideas, faster.

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The result?


average reduction in recovery time


Y-o-Y increase in digital payments


apps launched with 4+ rating on App Store

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