How to build an ecommerce platform that delivers delightful customer experience, unfailingly, every time?

When a highly reputed traditional retail brand decided to digitize their operations, it implied an extensive, complex journey of restructuring and enhancing their legacy systems. To deliver the best possible customer experience, they had to update their e-commerce platform – a task that was undertaken by Infosys.

Infosys transformed their e-commerce site by giving them control over the entire journey, from warehousing to purchase. This meant undertaking one of the largest cloud implementations even seen in the industry. By providing personalised content across every channel and moving away from third-party systems, we provided a 99.9% system availability time to the users.

The first breakthrough came during the Black Friday weekend when the system performed without an incident, trading more traffic than estimated.

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The result?


integrations delivered within 2 years


more trading than forecasted on Black Friday

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