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Jonathan Salem Baskin - Forbes

“I think it’s intriguing that Infosys has linked measurement of innovation to client adoption/success. I like external proof points vs. internal metrics invented to find cause for celebration.”

Jonathan Salem Baskin

Forbes Contributor

Infosys Innovation Is A Grassroots Movement


“We started hoping to mine our 8,000+ current client projects for innovation,” said Ravi Kumar S., EVP & Chief Delivery Officer for Infosys, a leading tech consulting and IT services firm. “After looking at 4 or 5, we got excited because we’d found numerous ways to improve client outcomes,” he continued. “Also, we realized it would take a decade to review the rest of them.”

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Talent Development

“With design thinking, [Infosys] created Zero Distance and Zero Bench, two complementary endeavors that focus on innovation in every project (Zero Distance) and engagement of every employee (Zero Bench).”

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CIO Review

“Perhaps there is a way to embrace Design Thinking to get closer and closer – at zero distance, really – to the needs of the customer… In just 14 weeks, one employee’s willingness to ask “what more?” moved a client from a position of uncertainty to complete clarity on how to transform into a next-generation player in the lending space.”

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Information Age

“The core philosophy of a framework that works is one that democratises innovation. It does this by getting every employee invested in it. The core objective then is to produce innovations that will put each employee at 'zero distance' from the client, yet completely aligned with client needs."

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