Zero Distance

Zero Distance Perspectives

Rachael Stormonth

“Infosys’ Zero Distance approach (and the detailed focus on the client’s business by delivery personnel that it demands) and MANA (now part of Infosys Nia) are both potentially significant differentiators… Clients we spoke to who have experience of ZD projects were appreciative … while those with no ZD experience yet were keen.”

Rachael Stormonth


Infosys Getting Ahead with Zero Distance, Going Deep with MANA (now part of Infosys Nia)

'Zero'ing In On The Formula To Success

Over the last few quarters, we have been working very hard to bring innovation to every project and, in the process, harness a culture of innovation among our 180,000+ strong employee base. It hasn't been easy. But, we are finally beginning to see the rewards. Today, 90% of our delivery organization can proudly say that they have done something innovative in an existing project, beyond the scope of work. And when 90% of our delivery organization vouches for this, we are talking about approximately 8,000 projects.

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We Innovate

"The results are unmistakable. For instance, a young engineer working on a project for a specialty footwear retailer noticed that the retailer's promotional campaigns were rarely ever based on strong product combinations that could up campaign response rates. Our team quickly applied an analytics solution to conduct a Market Basket Analysis that identified that there is a 77% likelihood that a customer buying a girls' tap shoe will also buy a girls' ballet shoe. And a 50% likelihood that a customer buying a girls' ballet shoe will also buy a girls' tap shoe. The combined potential gross sales, if this were promoted as a bundled email campaign, was estimated at approximately US$ 95K and nearly US$ 475K if implemented as a direct mail campaign."

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Innovation is for All

A young member of an Infosys team working on an application maintenance project for one of the largest credit card companies in the world, devised a method using a simple open source solution to assess early in the credit card application evaluation process, if everything was in order. Until then, the client had not noticed that its current practice of screening photographs on the applications at a late stage was needlessly delaying approval and adding to procedural downtime. The simple innovation proposed by Infosys helped the card company save millions... Encouraged by the success of these initiatives, we are taking Design Thinking and the Zero Distance program to every one of our client organizations, so innovation moves from the fringes to the mainstream.


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