Infosys wins HDS award for Best Virtualization Strategy

Infosys wins HDS 2008 award for Best Virtualization Strategy

Infosys was honored at the HDS Asia Pacific IT Inspiration Awards 2008. Our virtualization solution won the Diamond Award for 'Best Virtualization Strategy'. The HDS awards honor next generation enterprises for addressing critical issues through technology.

Infosys implemented a virtualization solution to manage rapid growth of applications, seamlessly integrate heterogeneous and complex environments, and provide users a robust, on-demand infrastructure.

Our solution realized a range of benefits such as provisioning cost savings in the range of 30 – 90 percent, Improving I/O Performance by over 30 percent and utilization improvement by 30 – 60 percent with more reliable backups that are faster by 60 percent and secured through encryption. Further, the total cost of ownership has been reduced by more than 30percent.

The solution also won the Platinum Award for the 'Best Green Strategy for a Data Center'. It realized energy savings in the range of 30 – 85 percent through a storage area network (SAN) and server virtualization.