Infosys solution reduces carbon footprint, wins HDS award

Infosys wins HDS 2008 award for Best Virtualization Strategy

Infosys won the Platinum Award for 'Best Green Strategy for a Data Center' at the HDS Asia Pacific IT Inspiration Awards 2008. The awards honor next generation enterprises for addressing critical issues through technology.

The 'Best Green Strategy for a Data Center' award recognizes the best green data strategy through space management, energy savings, green manufacturing and disposal.

Infosys implemented a virtualization solution to manage rapid growth of applications, seamlessly integrate heterogeneous and complex environments, and provide users a robust, on-demand infrastructure.

Our solution realized energy savings in the range of 30 – 85 percent through a storage area network (SAN) and server virtualization. This has resulted in a significant reduction of the company's carbon footprint.

Infosys also won the HDS Diamond Award for Best Virtualization Strategy.