Solutions to Enable Climate Change Action Among Clients

In the last two decades, there has been a dramatic shift in perception of Energy and Utility companies on human induced climate change. There is political and societal pressure too on everyone to act immediately.


Energy de-carbonization will be central to these changes for a sustainable future. Around two-thirds of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is attributed to the supply and use of energy from fossil fuels.

The 3 key trends we see in the structure of energy demand are

  • Declining role of fossil fuels
  • Increasing share of renewable energy
  • Growing role for electricity

What’s Infosys Offering

Infosys is the first Indian company to join RE100 (showing commitment to shift to 100% renewables). We have 60 MW of total installed solar PV capacity (20 MW within campus, 40 MW offsite) with high efficiency modules and inverters. With our experience, we are proposing the following offerings in the RE space

What’s Infosys Offering

Strategic consulting

  • Clean Energy Transition Road Map
  • Market, Policy and Regulatory Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • Portfolio Analysis and Rationalization
Strategic consulting

Process and Functional Design

  • Business and Project Process Mapping and Blueprinting
  • Use Case Development
  • Project Design, ROI mapping, Energy forecast modelling, Technology selections, Factory audits
  • PPAs and Legal Contracts evaluation
  • System design optimization Component selections and drawing evaluation
Process and Functional Design


  • Energy forecast and modelling SCADA Systems
  • Data Modernization and System Integration
  • Advanced Project/Fleet Performance/Energy Management and ROI mapping – Expected Vs Actual
  • Conditional Monitoring and Maintenance Planning
  • Drone Based Plant Performance Management
  • Robotic Cleaning Solutions