Let the gardens bloom:

An organic waste success story

Let the gardens bloom

What we think: What damage can organic waste do to the environment? It’s biodegradable, so it must be harmless.

What facts say: Owing to its rapid generation, organic solid waste is a big environmental concern today. The earth’s natural biodegradation process is unable to keep up with this pace.

In our Indian campuses alone, we generate 18-19 tons of organic waste every day, which includes garden and food waste. As part of our waste management framework, our goal is to treat all organic, biodegradable waste on our campuses and not allow any of it to go out.

Treating organic waste in-house

We treat our organic waste using composting units and biogas plants

Currently, we have the capacity to treat 100% of all organic waste generated across our campuses, in-house. This yields around 750 tons of compost every year that is used in the campuses for gardening and landscaping.