Water wise

A little technology goes a long way

Water wise

What we waste

Try calculating the amount of water you waste in your daily chores, and be prepared for a shock. Take for instance the water wasted when we let the tap run while brushing teeth or washing hands.

This amounts to roughly 0.5 ML per minute. And when this happens on an industrial or commercial scale, the volume of wastage gets multiplied several times over.

The scenario at Infosys

With millions of square feet of built-up space housing over 225,000 employees in our campuses, we observed that there was a huge potential to conserve water and plug wastage.

We leveraged the power of new technology and added cost-effective retrofits to our plumbing system, achieving considerable reduction in our per capita water consumption.

How the retrofits helped

Pushing the limits

Adopting new technologies and practices and monitoring their effectiveness at our command center have given us the confidence to challenge widely-followed water consumption standards.

For instance, the National Building Code (NBC) recommends around 1035 liters of water per person per month, but our water conservation strategies have helped us operate on only 466 liters of water per person per month which is 45% lesser than the NBC standard!

Most of these water conservational technologies are affordable and can be easily replicated across both small and large set-ups with a good ROI. Generally, these water saving technologies together have the potential to cut down water consumption by 30% to 50%.

Aqua profits

We have been successful in reducing our per capita fresh water consumption by 64% compared to 2008 levels, in spite of our workforce increasing by more than 100,000 during the period.