Infosys Positioning to Drive End-to-End Sustainability for Clients

Infosys Positioning to Drive End-to-End Sustainability for Clients

Infosys’ philosophy on sustainability is to ensure its business, clients' businesses, and ecosystems are all sustainable. It approaches sustainability at the enterprise level across Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) dimensions.

Infosys has recently announced a strategic partnership with The Economist Group to enable and accelerate sustainability solutions and drive impact through a business-to-business model and unlock long-term sustainability thinking across global enterprises, and is aiming to deliver the following benefits to its clients:

  • Making an impact on the triple bottom-line of people, profit, and prosperity
  • Attracting a new wave of sustainability-minded clients, supply chain partners, and employees
  • Enhancing ESG attractiveness to investors and brand reputation
  • Securing resiliency in uncertain conditions

Infosys sees six distinct aspects to clients' sustainability journeys: sustainability plan, growth plan, digital & physical assets, addressing the supply chain, offset strategy, and sustainability-first culture.

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