Syed Zohair Abbas

Covid has led many migrant workers in a very helpless situation because of unemployment and no means of transport to go back to their native places.

Syed exhausted all his savings to arrange ration and distributing them evenly to everyone who comes out seeking help. Almost 500 food bags each weighing approx. 30 kgs including all daily need items were distributed.

His Doctor friends also helped him for Health Check Up Over Video Calls when almost every PHCs were overcrowded or were closed. Medicine availability was another challenge, but they dealt with that as well.

He attended all calls for animal in distress because of accident or health issues and took them to a known veterinary in the city and continued to feed the community & stray animals. Almost 100 dogs including their newly born ones were being fed twice a day.

With help of his landlord who was an Ex-Army man who was deployed on Pune station, he got the journey started along with the migrant labors in batches when things started to ease out. All necessary pre-requisites were as well advised to them as none were that educated.

What he has to say?

Time can be tough for anyone but running away from it may not lead to the solution. Instead of saying ‘Why Me?’ say ‘Try Me!’ to life. In all this I broke out many times! I had no savings left, with credit card bills unpaid, I was still smiling because I was happy with all what I had done. I cannot thank enough to all those help I received. Thanks to Infosys Limited for recognizing this small contribution of mine.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.