Hour of Code

As today’s world is becoming more and more digital, it becomes ‘the need of the hour’ to have at least basic skills of computer science such as coding and programming. Sanjeevani hosted the “Hour of Code” on 11th February 2023, where school students, who are part of Sanjeevani Vijnana program visited Infosys Trivandrum campus. This annual event has this time benefitted 51 students from 3 organisations ( Govt. Kulathoor HSS. St. Rochs and Prathibha Poshini NGO). 5 staffs from the organizations and 9 volunteers, along with Facilities team supported the event. Videos on Infosys, Trinfy and Sanjeevani activities were shown and students engaged on 1 hour of coding on Flappy scratch gamification and AI driven game for training system to not to pollute Oceans