Kiran N.G

Kiran has been leading the education track of Samarpan helping Govt Schools on E-City, Bangalore during weekends and has conducted multiple creative computing workshops in various Government Schools of Hoskur, Bettadasanapura, Nanjapura has set up creative computing labs with Raspberry Pi computers in Maragondanahalli, Bettadasanapura and Huskur Govt High Schools.

This initiative helped the Grade 10 students to score an average of 72% from 40% which they scored the previous year.

Igniting aspirations of young learners: It all started with one whatsapp message from a friend whose 10 year old daughter and her younger brother had created a game using the skills I had thought her during an Initiative in office called “ Bring your child to office” and a thought came to his mind that if these children can create such amazing things with just one hour of learning why not use the same methodology to teach the students of Government schools during the pandemic and he was able to make a tangible difference to about 200 plus students and 150 plus Teachers.

Then with the help of an ELCIA Member they invited about 20 kids who had smart phones to connect on google meet in which he trained kids from Grade 5 to Grade 7 to create small animations and as this got popular, more kids joined and there was no looking back and got associated with Govt Schools in Pune, Some NGO Members, Engineering students all came forward to learn things like Python, create new POCs on Scratch,, Python, Sonic-Pi, Internet of Things , Machine learning etc.. which benefitted an average of 100 students every Sunday. We had kids joining from Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi.. all just through word of mouth. Pune connection happened through “Sparsha” PUNE DC CSR track

He also gave a helping hand to teachers who were not aware of the possibilities of teaching online during the Pandemic. To start with he helped revive the “Kannada Kali Classes” by introducing Google meet to the respective teachers and we were successful with the help of volunteers. This initiative gave him confidence and in no time he and his group had reached more than 150 teachers.

Their main intention was to make learning Interesting and innovative and the impact of all these initiatives are

  • 200 Students are being continuously engaged directly since July 2020.
  • 150 Teachers were trained since July 2020 and are in touch through WhatsApp/Phone and are implementing the learnings from my training in their Schools.
  • Trained volunteers from 4 NGOs, Kids Who Kode (BLR) Views BBSR, SES Lucknow (UP), DRF Yavatmal (MH) who in turn are educating 500 under privileged children.