Computer classes for underprivileged kids

Lagnajeet , as a software professional believed it’s his shared responsibility to promote technology and thought of doing so by conducting computer classes for underprivileged kids.

These kids belong to very poor families and they don’t go to any school due to various constraints. When he had first interaction with them, he came to know about their eagerness to learn to have a better life. Like every kid’s they were also fascinated to see mobile phones and laptops and Hence he thought gadgets are the best way to educate them with technology.

He started telling stories about computer, games and showed them movies. After 2 sessions the number of kids increased to 15 and then he thought of starting computer basics and the children’s loved it .It was very difficult in their part to pronounce English terms related to computers so he introduced regional language books (odia) which had more pictures than text.

I still remember the happy smiling faces when for the first time they had a book in their hands of any kind and that’s what i earned and i believe that what is the most beautiful feeling we get when we try to help others.

The story has just begun the kids are now familiar with computer terms. I can proudly say that they can boot a system and create a text file. I hope they will do great things in future... The journey from spelling "Computer" to "Creating a text file" has been very interesting and will continue till we all are on same page...