Giving Tree Program

SPRING is a team consisting of Infosys China employees performing various activities under the CSR since 2007 such as blood donation drive in Shanghai, book donation drive, and 1170+ old computers are being donated and distributed across China.

Giving Tree – since 2009 to 2022, SPRING team and Infosys China employees support CCS (Community Center Shanghai) Giving Tree charity program assisted 1721 migrant or underprivileged students in need from Shanghai and other communities by donated Giving Tree bags, which are filled with age/gender appropriate winter clothes and school supplies.

We arranged Giving tree program since Oct-2022 and on 24-Feb-2023, we donated 56 Giving Tree bags full of new clothes, schoolbag, art supplies, thermos and athletic equipment to children of Songjiang Yexie School in Shanghai.

Infosys China’s Spring’s Giving Tree Program