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Management Profiles

  • David D. Kennedy

    David D. Kennedy

    Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

  • Ranganath D. Mavinakere

    Ranganath D. Mavinakere

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Srikantan Moorthy

    Srikantan Moorthy

    Executive Vice President
    Head, Global Services – Application Development and Maintenance, Independent Validation Services and Business Intelligence

  • Binod Hampapur Rangadore

    Binod Hampapur Rangadore

    Executive Vice President
    Global Head, Talent and Technology Operations

  • Krishnamurthy Shankar

    Krishnamurthy Shankar

    Executive Vice President
    Group Head, Human Resource Development

  • Ramadas Kamath U.

    Ramadas Kamath U.

    Executive Vice President
    Head, Infrastructure, Facilities, Administration, Security, and Sustainability

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