Healthcare, Personalized

We are all so wary of that tiny line in innocuously tiny letters, “Please read all terms and conditions carefully before...” most commonly found in our health insurance policy documents. Health insurance is complicated business, often involving bundles of forms that users need to understand and fill out. This extensive, laborious initiation process often becomes an impediment, especially for a multilingual, millennial population, making insurance buying decisions. What if health insurance companies could simplify the onboarding process so buyers don’t find it time consuming and cumbersome to sign up?

Low financial literacy

Even in developed markets like the U.S., where only about 11% of the adult population is uninsured, insurance isn’t a well understood thing. People often struggle to complete the extensive “first few steps” to sign up for their insurance plans. And insurers, in turn, struggle to get people to engage after the initial buy-in.

A wide linguistic diaspora

Nearly 21% of the American population speak a foreign language at home. This makes predominantly English language insurance paperwork largely inconsumable.

Lack of personalization

In the insurance business one size (and language) is made to fit all. Insurance providers often create standard onboarding material that does not answer particular questions customers may have. There is also the barrier of communication via a single medium (primarily paper), which may or may not suit the needs of all target consumers.

Finding the Real Problem

The key to making health insurance better understood is then to make it highly contextual to consumers. What if we could personalize insurance details and information in such a way that every consumer finds it relevant? Maybe the real problem then is to ensure that the first touch-point with the customer — the welcome kit — delivers a customized experience. An experience that is simpler, and doesn’t necessarily involve piles of paper.


Enter the Infosys Personalized Intelligent Interfaces (PII), a smart video authoring tool, which can ingest data and deliver short, highly personalized videos for customers. These videos, when provided as a part of the welcome kit, can, in a few seconds, tell customers about their individual plan, eligibility and deliver targeted health and wellness information based on demographics. What’s more, these videos, using the text-to-speech technology, Nuance, can be provided in languages that customers are most comfortable with. Infosys PII can take inputs from multiple form factors, including Alexa or even via a Facebook chatbot, where customers can simply answer specific questions. So, no more form filling!

Distribution of these personalized videos can be via emails and text and they are playable on all connected devices. These video files can be created both in bulk and on demand, whenever a member connects to the secured video server. And they take mere seconds to be generated. We’ve also based our video delivery platform on cloud so it can quickly be scaled to meet an increase in demand.

The Outcomes

  • Enhances experience and engagements right from the first customer touch-point.
  • Saves consumers from hours of form-filling and paperwork.
  • These personalized videos can directly impact outcomes by creating a channel to engage with and influence consumers.
  • Creates market differentiation for the insurer.
  • Mobile-friendly user experience reduces time to action.