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My mother's a poet and my dad was a chemistry teacher. So, I've always been interested in literature, math, and science. When it came to my A-levels, I guess you could say my dad won. That led to my master's degree in Engineering at Cambridge. I travelled through China, and when I got back, I picked a job as a Consultant Programmer working on basic Artificial Intelligence. I loved my role, and at the same time, realised that what I also enjoyed immensely is bringing ideas to life through writing.

The realisation that a deep passion for me lay in writing led me to start over from scratch, at a lifestyle company, where I grew into the role of Chief Editor. I solidified my foundation as a writer there. Yet, burning inside me was also the desire to continue to study Artificial Intelligence and all the new tech trends emerging every day. I was looking at some of the work that my friends from Cambridge were doing, and frankly burning up a little. And then, four years ago, I got that life-altering call from Infosys.

When I started at Infosys, I didn’t know a lot about technology, strategy or business processes. Most people think that if they don’t know about technology, they can never learn about it. That isn’t the case at all. Definitely not at Infosys. Infosys gives people the opportunity to invest in themselves. I started writing small articles, but I also put in the work to build my knowledge by reading up. Everyday. I really went all in.

Today, I would consider myself a subject matter expert in AI, but my main expertise is in taking a difficult concept and making it understandable through storytelling. I’ve learned a lot about thought leadership from my mentors. I’ve been given a lot of leverage to explore technology: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and more, and now work on major research reports for the Infosys Knowledge Institute and the company at large. In fact, I am currently working on my biggest project to date, which is also one of our biggest research reports for Infosys this year.

Unlike other companies, the leadership at Infosys takes considered risks and brings you along for the ride. That’s my inspiration every day. I’m working for senior leaders and my work has a lot of impact. There is a lot of trust and encouragement. I can bring a lot of different ideas; I can be bold and imaginative; I can seek topics that pose challenges for customers; I can be contrarian or pitch an unexpected angle. And I think I get better every year because I just feel so inspired to meet the demands of my job.

Another thing that Infosys does really well is it ties people together in a psychologically safe environment so that they can voice their ideas and their frustrations. We have a buddy program to help new joiners find their feet. Too often, people can feel isolated or disconnected when they are struggling with work. Infosys brings people together in a way that I haven’t experienced in my previous roles. Just the perks of being Infoscion!

At my first meeting with Jeff, he sold the company really well. I just felt that all the rewards were there. The onboarding process was easy and well-structured, and within my first week, I was given my first project. Infosys is the kind of organisation where if you have the desire to do well, you’re going to really succeed here. When people tell me that I’ve been here for four years and suggest that I move, I say no. I’m still learning a lot every day; seeing things from different angles, and meeting people that see things differently too. And that makes me happy.