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I aspire to be a positive role model to my 6 children and demonstrate to them that life as a parent can include a fulfilling and meaningful career. The past few decades have seen tremendous changes at the workplace, the presence of women in the workplace has grown significantly – especially women in leadership. The technology sector, however, has some way to go yet and that is where my aspirations lie today.

My career journey, however, did not start off in tech, and in many ways, I could not have imagined being where I am today. My professional career started off in HR (Human Resources) and Business Administration roles across the Transport and Logistics sector which is far from the world of software services. I worked for close to a decade in these fields, until the pandemic compelled me to switch gears and revaluate my career path.

I had always been fascinated by the tech sector, and its boundless potential, but did not have any technical or digital experience. However, I was confident that my existing skillsets were easily transferable into the IT (Information Technology) sector and knowing this gave me the confidence to take the plunge into pursuing a career in IT. So, the first step I knew I had to take, was to lift my digital skillset and find a firm that was willing to take me on as a fresher. I was extremely fortunate to come across the Victorian Digital Jobs program which ticked all those boxes. It was a 6-month program funded by the Victorian Government which included 3-months of paid study and a 3-month paid internship. After being accepted onto the program and successfully completing my study I was accepted into the Infosys Instep Internship program where I completed my 3-month paid internship. When my internship ended, I was ecstatic to be offered a full-time role with Infosys which I gladly accepted.

Infosys were able to see that my background skills in HR and Business Admin, particularly people management, were extremely valuable to them. I remember delivering a PowerPoint presentation as an intern in a boardroom to the Vice President of Infosys and realizing how my thinking and approach stood out compared to my peers. While most of the other presentations were very technical, I was focused on people, on clarity of communication, and conveying the big picture effectively. And to my delight Infosys celebrated my unique approach.

Now, I have evolved and transitioned into becoming a people leader on the account-side at Infosys. This part of my role focuses primarily on managing people - around 500 employees with administrative and compliance activities. Infosys has a culture that is so open and inclusive, especially for women. Women are nurtured and trained by mentors and peers who have so much knowledge and experience to share. And the best part is that I can see myself nurturing a long-term career plan without compromising my family life. Infosys has made that possible because of their phenomenal support throughout my journey.

I realize the impact such support can have on women who are looking to switch fields, bounce back from a career break or just manage a successful career and family. So, I put myself forward to be involved in the many gender-equity initiatives driven by Infosys. I currently sit on the Infosys ANZ Diversity & Inclusion Council and am an ambassador for the Infosys Advocacy program which both aim to hire and attract more women into IT. Just the thought of other women like me realizing that there is space for them to flourish in the IT industry drives me to do what I do each day.

When I look back, I am so proud of my past self for taking the decisions I did. Juggling my career transition as well as being a full-time mum was a challenge, but I am so proud of my achievements, and I know my husband and children are too. Now, not only do I get to use my knowledge and skills to create the next ‘big thing’, but I also have the space to create next opportunities, carving out a bigger space for women like me. I love that!