The Infosys Automotive practice capitalizes on digital technology to transform aftermarket sales and service. We integrate manufacturing, supply chain and logistics operations to provide on-demand aftermarket service. Real-time collaboration between plant personnel, suppliers, dealers, and field technicians improves planning and retail distribution of automotive products. Our cloud-hosted data systems / applications and interfaces for service modules accelerate order-to-delivery times for spare parts and services. Further, it improves workshop efficiency as well as productivity of dealers.

Our automation solutions for central / regional distribution centers and warehouses ensure efficient sorting and delivery while maximizing storage capacity. We implement blockchain network solutions to trace the source of parts, maintain quality, and track transactions / shipments. The blockchain streamlines shipping by identifying issues at the source, including discrepancy in order quantities and part numbers, damage, and documentation errors. Significantly, it ensures that aftermarket sourcing and distribution of parts comply with global (World Trade Organization) and regional (North American Free Trade Agreement / European Union) regulations.

Infosys Industry 4.0 solutions for customer-oriented service, parts logistics and field service operations help manufacturers deliver a consistent aftermarket experience. Standardized vehicle master and parts / accessories databases consolidate dealer orders to better manage global shipping deliveries. In addition, it helps stock service parts required for preventive maintenance and repair / service across models. This improves the responsiveness of dealers and workshops while eliminating vehicle downtime.

Lean processes for warehouse and distribution hubs rationalize infrastructure costs and improve workshop throughput. Further, we optimize distribution routes to support multimodal logistics and meet delivery schedules. Our approach streamlines warranty management and grows aftermarket sales.


Challenges & Solutions

Preventive maintenance solutions alert users of potential malfunction, while digital workforce scheduling solutions minimize breakdown servicing turnaround time.

Machine learning algorithms for textual analysis and pattern matching identify genuine warranty claims and OEM service parts.

Digital training programs enhance skills and share best practices across distribution operations, including storage of hazardous liquids such as transmission oil, grease and brake fluid.