The Infosys Automotive practice enhances finance and insurance services to address emerging challenges, including autonomous vehicles that shift liability to manufacturers, ride-sharing platforms that influence loan / lease requirements, and peer-to-peer insurance apps that calibrate terms of credit. We combine automation, cognitive technologies and data analytics to support usage-based / pay-per-mile business models, enable personalized policies, and reward safe driving behavior.

Infosys AssistEdge, our robotic process automation platform, undertakes resource-intensive tasks across finance and insurance processes. Reinforcement learning continuously improves the accuracy and consistency of our process bots. Robotic automation enables consumption of static data, such as customer demographics and credit history, as well as dynamic data, such as mileage and driving behavior. It ensures more accurate risk profiling, product selection, pricing, premium calculation, and vehicle damage / claims analysis.

Our artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, Infosys Nia, makes sense of customer requests and responds to queries regarding insurance policies, process for filing claims, premium rates, status of loan application / claim, or wait times. Our knowledge-driven chatbot comprehends textual and verbal audio input from customers and extracts contextual data to respond appropriately.

Infosys develops web portals and mobile applications for account management, customer self-service and auto fulfillment of customer requests. We leverage data analytics to predict risks, customize pricing, bundle financial services, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our mobility solutions allow users to view vehicle availability, select one from a fleet of vehicles, scrutinize billing data, and transact via their preferred payment mode. Further, our digital claims management apps enable image uploading for real-time damage evaluation and claims processing.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital technology provides the flexibility to configure business models and respond to auto finance in the shared economy.

Online processes and mobile apps customize services and enable coverage based on specific events, usage, driving behavior, etc.

Robotic process automation empowers dealers and captive centers to accelerate automotive financial services.