The Infosys Automotive practice creates a data ecosystem to connect constituents and enable seamless communication across vehicles, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, owners, insurers, and third-party service providers. Our big data analytics solutions enable contextual analysis of diverse types of data, deliver predictive insights, and recommend preemptive and / or corrective action.

The input-output of our solutions range from modification of mechanical and transmission systems based on emission levels, aerodynamic optimization based on fuel consumption, alternative simulation tools due to malfunction of parts in similar models, and intimation to replace component due to driving behavior.

Infosys Customer eConnect solution integrates demographic, psychographic and social data of customers with purchase patterns and digital marketing solutions to customize offerings, engage customers with targeted campaigns, and enhance lead management.

The Infosys Asset Genome solution empowers auto OEMs with a repository of prefabricated data attributes across engineering, operations and maintenance systems. It also includes a library of analytical models for predictive insights spanning the asset lifecycle. Our solution boosts productivity and significantly reduces downtime of vehicles as well as industrial assets.

Our data scientists and analysts ensure that data is in readily accessible and easy-to-use formats. It facilitates usage of accurate data in performance metrics, reporting systems and modeling tools. Further, our cloud-hosted data analytics solutions support training and optimization of machine learning algorithms for traffic, inventory, supply chain, risk, production, and maintenance management.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys’ IP frameworks and tools generate predictive insights from a large volume of real-time data.

Structured methodology to harvest and apply relevant data for identifying, prioritizing and realizing technology / business outcomes.

Big data analytics frameworks integrate, cleanse and analyze data from diverse sources, formats and time horizons to enhance the driving experience.