The Infosys Automotive practice capitalizes on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to develop robust dealer management systems. We modernize business processes and applications to boost sales, enhance pre-sales support, enable real-time data transfer, and support maintenance applications. Our team replaces legacy dealer systems with custom-built web applications and digital sales tools. Digital walls and interactive modules for vehicle display and real-time pricing ensure that customers make informed purchase decisions at dealer outlets.

Mobile applications enable automobile manufacturers and dealers to share text messages, photographs and video clippings to attract prospects. User-specific dashboards empower sales persons to create a pricing matrix with a range of monthly payment installments, lease terms and down payments for customers. It also enables store managers to modify installed dealer options, negotiate deals, and customize offers for finance / accessories. Significantly, automated workflows reduce lead time for creating and approving sales orders.

Centralized dealer management systems eliminate data duplication and minimize errors across outlets / global network. Our data-first ecosystem helps analyze customer behavior in the showroom as well as click-through paths for test drive planning. Significantly, it provides ready access to customer data, which helps track leads, generate bundled offers, and offer flexible vehicle finance solutions.

Our template-based approach to application development reduces time-to-market. Infosys Nia, our artificial intelligence-driven chatbot, can be trained to provide 24/7 assistance and respond to sales queries related to new models, prices, inventory, special offers, appointments, and customer service.

Our data-first ecosystem helps auto dealers deliver quicker and more reliable service.

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  • B2B and B2C relationships
  • Parts inventory
  • HR and payroll


  • Pre-sale campaigns and promotions
  • Sales and up-sell/cross-sell
  • Rental services


  • Bills and invoices
  • Sales and stock reports
  • Vehicle servicing reminders

Point of View: Mobility 2.0 – Technology on wheels

Automobile manufacturers need to leverage smart technology and communication systems to provide mobility-as-a-service.


Challenges & Solutions

Team of experts develops best-in-class dealer communication systems, dealer portals, and OEM-dealer interfaces.

Workflow-oriented point-of-sale applications deliver a superior brand, dealer and customer experience.

User-friendly portals enable customers to analyze vehicle-specific information, and compare different models and finance options for informed purchase decisions.