The Infosys Automotive practice undertakes digital transformation programs to boost adaptability, efficiency and productivity. Our digital ecosystem creates a self-sustaining enterprise capable of applying predictive technologies to roll out an autonomous fleet. We migrate data and mission-critical workloads to cloud platforms. The cloud supports wireless connectivity, reduces latency, and ensures seamless data flow between stakeholders.

Our Smart Workshop solution grows aftermarket sales by empowering dealers with advanced tools for planning, workforce allocation and resource management. It incorporates automated workflows for parts ordering, maintenance service reminders, and technology assisted repair. In addition, it improves turnaround times by supporting license plate scanning for automated check-in and broadcasting alerts to the staff. Significantly, it allows customers to choose a preferred technician and receive updates via their preferred channel. Further, access to videos and tutorials on mobile devices enables inexperienced technicians to undertake inspection, maintenance and repair across vehicle types and models.

The Infosys Digital Factory solution offers a comprehensive suite of Industry 4.0 use cases and proof of concepts. Our technology consultants map digital transformation projects with modular offerings spanning IoT, mixed reality, blockchain, machine learning, and vision-based systems for navigation, automatic lane keeping, and obstacle avoidance. Infosys AssistEdge, our robotic process automation platform, automates repetitive and non-value added tasks across business functions.

Infosys develops frameworks and platforms for robotics and autonomous systems. Our open source Robotic Artificial Intelligence Language – Integrated Product Technology (RAILIPT) platform combines object detection and tracking technologies, while our Autonomous Vehicle Diagnostic framework facilitates vehicle to vehicle / network / infrastructure / pedestrian communication. Our Autonomous Traffic Management System uses real-time tracking and intelligent diagnostics for fleet management.

Infosys leveraged proprietary frameworks to design and develop an autonomous golf cart for our campus. We developed the algorithms for autonomous navigation, path planning, lane and obstacle detection, localization and GPS mapping.


Challenges & Solutions

Industry 4.0 solutions for design, development, distribution, and data management integrate the shop floor, workshops, warehouses, dealer networks, web interfaces, and the back office for smooth operations.

Team of 'design thinking' experts, data scientists and domain specialists leverages analytical frameworks and artificial intelligence tools to evaluate, prioritize and de-risk technology projects.

Digital ecosystem enables multi-channel customer support – mobile apps, in-app chat, vehicular interface, web portal, dealer networks, and contact centers.