The Infosys Automotive practice offers digital sales and marketing solutions to engage prospective buyers in the product discovery stage of the purchase process. We combine data analytics, simulation, predictive modeling, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to uncover preferences of customer micro-segments, map required features with inventory, and engage prospects during ‘moments of truth.’

Infosys undertakes a digital transformation at automotive manufacturers and dealers to engage potential customers. Our expertise spans mobile sales tools, online marketplaces, and digital product catalogs with real-time inventory and pricing information. Infosys Nia, our AI-driven chatbot, provides conversational customer support. It boosts the productivity of sales executives and service advisors by supporting telemarketing, answering product / order-related queries, and processing complaints.

Our digital ecosystem provides a consistent customer experience across the dealership network. It connects all constituents – OEM, dealers, service centers, vehicles, workforce, and customers. This ensures a uniform brand experience - from the front office of the sales, service or parts / accessories department to an interaction with marketing for scheduling a test drive or processing a loan account. Our cloud-based system enables service consultants to provide cost estimates, create orders and update dealer systems. In addition, it supports advanced traceability solutions for product recall.

Our value realization approach increases return on marketing dollars. We monitor web activity, facilitate textual, voice and visual search, and integrate widgets for proactive social interaction. Significantly, we develop microsites for event-specific promotions, new product launches, or a virtual tour of vehicle interiors to provide an immersive experience on any screen.

Our mixed reality solutions help manufacturers generate enquiries from prospects prior to new vehicle launches and hybrid variants.

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Customer engagement

Customer engagement

  • Loyalty programs
  • Requirement gathering
  • Social media networking
Brand experience

Brand experience

  • Virtual reality
  • Conversational querying
  • Search engine optimization
Digital marketing

Digital marketing

  • Reusable templates
  • Conversion tracking
  • Model-specific campaigns

White paper: Interdisciplinary collaboration accelerates product enhancement

A structured knowledge-based engineering methodology distils experiential skills and enables concurrent development.


Challenges & Solutions

Template-driven approach uncovers explicit as well as implied intentions, be it vehicle finance (lease or buy), value (luxury or utilitarian), experience (comfort or economy), or carbon footprint (hybrid or electric).

Team of experts creates unique digital properties addressing specific demographic, psychographic, geographic, and vehicle segments.

Expertise in developing rich media microsites and keyword / phrase-rich digital artifacts to engage potential buyers and influence purchase decisions.