Infosys Chemical Manufacturing modernizes asset management and simplifies equipment maintenance. Our asset optimization approach addresses risk mitigation and rationalizes operational expenditure. We integrate assets in the IT-OT infrastructure to empower manufacturers with predictive analytics for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance. Digital solutions drive remote asset management and alert systems for real-time notification of events, be it leakage in an expansion bellow in the piping system for process fluids or the condenser of a cooling tower.

Infosys asset optimization services are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), simulation, and reliability modeling. Our suite of technology solutions helps predict asset performance in diverse operating conditions and process capacities. It also forecasts the service life for a specific asset configuration, which rationalizes stand-by inventory of critical assets. Further, AI / ML solutions for predictive maintenance maximize equipment uptime as well as operational performance.

Infosys Chemical Manufacturing develops scalable asset discovery platforms to capture inventory data and create a consolidated database of OT assets across processes, suppliers and OEMs. Our platforms offer plant-wide visibility into a heterogeneous asset landscape. Data analytics enhances asset lifecycle management by improving planned maintenance and repair. In addition, it mitigates obsolescence risk in legacy plants by guiding replacement strategies and asset investment planning.

Our team creates visualization dashboards for data interpretation and analytics. The dashboards help maintenance managers use a huge volume of data from IoT-enabled assets and sensors to preempt asset malfunction by taking preventive action. Our intuitive dashboards enable maintenance teams to classify asset-related events and alarms based on diverse parameters to enhance contextual understanding of asset integrity and resolve issues.


Challenges & Solutions

Holistic asset management streamlines asset maintenance and safeguards pipeline integrity.

Digital supply chain for maintenance and repair maximizes asset uptime and minimizes human intervention.

IIoT backbone supports autonomous systems as well as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools for prompt service by technicians.