Infosys Chemical Manufacturing improves enterprise efficiency, productivity and safety by harnessing the ultra-low latency of 5G, the fifth generation of mobile technology. We upgrade communication and wireless networks to leverage high availability and reliable transmission capacity of 5G. It empowers chemical and biomaterial manufacturers to implement diverse connected assets / devices as well as bespoke and third-party Industry 4.0 applications.

Infosys creates an inventory repository of physical and virtualized IT assets, which serves as the foundation for integrated device and network management. Real-time visibility into the communication infrastructure – network, applications, users, patches, and device configurations – enables immediate detection of threats and isolation of compromised devices / assets / user accounts. Moreover, visibility into endpoints prevents access by unauthorized users and malware / ransomware attacks.

Infosys develops unified data security and governance frameworks to safeguard data and connected assets, detect issues, and accelerate disaster response as well as recovery. Our IoT Gateway for IT-OT convergence seamlessly integrates hardware, software and connectivity. At the same time, our automated asset discovery tool and automated risk scoring system for network assets augment security risk assessment and endpoint management. Automation enhances cybersecurity maturity while boosting network efficiency in the industrial environment.

Our team undertakes configuration analysis, as part of a network security program, to assess and mitigate risks. Our network security solutions include alert mechanisms that activate on-host intrusion and anomaly detection. In addition, we ensure compliance with data privacy and cybersecurity regulations, including ANSI / ISA-95 standards for automated interfaces between business enterprise and plant control systems.


Challenges & Solutions

Multi-tenant, cloud-hosted applications support machine-to-machine communication, real-time data sharing, and collaboration with global partners.

Rich experience in cybersecurity averts threats and vulnerabilities in plant automation and advanced control systems.

Proven tools for IT network visibility and event tracking identify potential risks and prioritize remediation.