Infosys Chemical Manufacturing implements safety and security as foundational principles in connected enterprises. We undertake hazard identification (HAZID), hazard and operability (HAZOP), and layer of protection analysis (LOPA) studies to assess risk tolerance and gather requirements for compliance with federal and local safety regulations. We establish health and safety protocols to help enterprises attain Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4 as well as comprehensive safety plans to minimize issues.

Infosys combines computer vision, embedded sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive modeling for monitoring the manufacturing landscape, detecting / predicting non-conformities, and resolving issues. Our cloud-hosted software solutions capture real-time data and extract insights to enhance process and employee safety. We develop integrated dashboards that enable managers to gain a real-time view of safety data across mechanical, electronics, electrical, process instrumentation, and control systems. A consolidated view of sub-processes with asset level drill-down capability simplifies safety inspection and review, generation of compliance reports, and closure of violation alerts.

Infosys IIoT solutions enhance operator and plant safety through continuous monitoring of equipment. Our holistic solutions account for functional safety hazards across chemical manufacturing systems: malfunctioning of critical assets such as pumps and compressors, piping failure due to corrosion, leakage in hydrocarbon feed or synthesis gas compression systems, explosion due to release of toxic mixture such as ammonia and SOx, fire due to the formation of combustible gases such as methane and NOx inside equipment, and control system-related failure due to network connectivity issues.

Our team leverages image and video analytics for motion-based object detection. Significantly, our sensor-based geo-fencing solutions prevent unauthorized access to unsafe work areas, and mobile alert systems for wearables-based monitoring of stress, fatigue, location, and health parameters ensure the wellbeing of employees.


Challenges & Solutions

Rich experience in seamless upgrade of plant control systems enhances industrial safety programs.

Experienced consultants ensure compliance with safety standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 for process plants.

Persona-based security design and high-integrity solutions improve plant safety while optimizing Mean Time To Response (MTTR) and rationalizing costs.