Infosys Chemical Manufacturing adopts a mobile-first approach to marketing, sales and distribution by digitizing the lead-to-cash cycle. Digitization grows the sales pipeline, simplifies order acquisition, and supports fulfillment by integrating ERP systems, business functions and support services. Our configurable order management and fulfillment systems allow agro-technology companies as well as manufacturers of solvents, petrochemical products and intermediates to compete in online marketplaces irrespective of the technology landscape or maturity of sales processes.

Our lightweight mobile apps offer real-time visibility into customer data, transaction records, demand forecasts, and inventory levels at diverse locations, enabling sales teams and channel partners to manage products, pricing and promotions through a unified interface. Further, analytical dashboards reduce sales response times, including quote and order generation. Built-in tools for reporting, partner onboarding, order tracking, and calculating commissions further boost productivity and efficiency of the sales force.

Infosys augments automated marketing, revenue and performance management solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning. An advanced ecosystem seamlessly integrates and harmonizes data from disparate sources. It empowers enterprises with digital capabilities to address internal constraints, external challenges and emerging opportunities, be it by personalizing marketing initiatives, repurposing warehouse space for e-commerce fulfillment, or rerouting inventory to alternative destinations.

Infosys Chemical Manufacturing strengthens the distributor network while implementing a direct-to-consumer strategy. Our portal solutions equipped with chatbots and advanced search functionality help customers easily locate dealers / distributors, access product catalogs, and enable provenance tracking. Digital systems rationalize cost-to-serve while empowering customers with self-service. Significantly, it enriches customer service with learning modules, be it on maintaining the nutrient balance of soil or avoiding contamination of chemicals during storage and handling.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys TradeEdge, an insights-driven sales platform, expands market coverage and drives growth by accelerating customer and distributor onboarding, and facilitating personalized service.

Integration of operational, marketing, inventory, order, and distribution systems enables dynamic sales management to capitalize on opportunities in export and domestic markets.

Industry 4.0-driven automation at warehousing and handling facilities accelerate packaging, loading and unloading operations, while reducing costs as well as product loss.