Today, most financial service providers work with legacy decision systems that they’ve developed over time or gained through acquisitions. These systems or applications are prone to multiple complications, including discontinuity across different lines of business, obsolete technology, difficult integrations with digital channels, expensive maintenance, and — lastly — a lack of transparency required by regulators. Banks, credit unions, and other lenders are often aware that they need to modernize their decision infrastructure, but they are understandably concerned about the costs involved.

Infosys and FICO have well-established track records of helping lenders in both of these areas, offering best-in-class credit decisioning and fraud management solutions.

Within the field of fraud detection, financial institutions also face multiple challenges. They obviously need to minimize fraud losses, but they also don’t want to alienate customers with erroneous fraud alerts, and they want to try to minimize spending too much on fraud prevention. As a result, banks are searching for solutions that can address the convergence of major threats within a single technology stack.

Independently, they’ve spent decades enabling firms to reduce losses, mitigate risks, and streamline their processes. Ultimately, the value of these solutions lies in their ability to strengthen long-term customer relationships, as well as safeguard their organizational reputation. Now, Infosys and FICO have partnered to take their solutions to the next level.

About the Partnership

By leveraging their experiences with the largest banking customers in the world, Infosys and FICO are uniquely positioned to understand the key tenets required to build a robust, best-in-class decisioning system and fraud management practice. The partnership combines Infosys’s delivery capabilities and deep domain expertise in risk and compliance with the proven technological leadership of FICO in developing industry-leading credit risk and fraud management solutions.

About the Partnership

Business functions covered

Services offered

Services offered

Infosys offers credit risk and fraud risk advisory and consulting services, including FICO product implementation, upgrade services, end-to-end design/build/testing services and program management. Infosys also has deep experience in on-prem/cloud implementation for delivering a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This expertise will help clients reduce the overall total cost of ownership (TCO), based on the predictability of the Infosys delivery model, ease-of-implementation, and their ability to leverage the latest technology.

Key Benefits

Besides decisioning-as-a-service and fraud management, clients will also receive end-to-end system integration and implementation, cloudification, and other value-added benefits:

Key Offerings

1. Infosys Decisioning-as-a-Service powered by FICO

A unique SaaS-based offering that accelerates the modernization of the enterprise client’s decisioning capabilities. Decisioning-as-a-Service introduces cutting-edge capabilities, from risk management to enabling digital customer onboarding and engagement journeys. This subscription-based model provides complete peace of mind to clients and allows them to focus on business change.

2. Infosys Fraud Management Studio using FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager

This SaaS solution is a set of efficiency and effectiveness improvement tools from FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager, hosted on the Infosys Managed Cloud (AWS). Falcon Fraud Manager is powerful enterprise platform that manages credit/debit/prepaid card and payment frauds of all types including real-time, P2P, account-to-account, and wire transfers. The FICO Falcon platform applies advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to cardholder and accountholder profiling, combined with extensive business rule writing capabilities and workflow management, to provide comprehensive fraud protection.

What Infosys provides

Infosys’s team of product specialists offer consulting and implementation services that match the high levels of engagement, timeline, and scale that clients expect. This includes end-to-end greenfield implementation for both on-premises and the cloud. Infosys takes a two-step approach to upgrades, providing both evergreening and support on Day 1, in order de-risk the process for clients.

Infosys’s team will undertake an assessment of the client’s existing system functionality and static data to identify the impact to business processes, the appropriate level of production customization, and the integration points that will meet requirements. Infosys will also complete a comprehensive product fitment analysis and work with the client on implementation planning. Throughout all phases of the implementation, Infosys takes end-to-end ownership with an ongoing current state assessment and requirement analysis, ensuring a successful and satisfying design, build, migration, validation, launch, and warranty support.

After the solution has gone live, Infosys will continue providing support for major and minor enhancements. Production support includes L2 and L3, as well as fixing any defects that may occur post-launch. Services will also include product release support and maintenance releases.