There is a greater demand today for building solutions & platforms that can easily integrate & collaborate with other fintechs, corporate treasurers, financial organizations, bank data & compliance systems to provide seamless customer experiences. In order to build such platforms, commercial banks need to restructure their functional and technical architecture and IT ecosystems in the near future.


Accelerate Transformative Digitization

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We understand the changing dynamics and challenges faced by the Commercial Banking Industry and have created focused capabilities and services in the following areas, to enable banks to transform business and technology in order to bring next generation customer experience to their corporate customers.

  • Omni channel commercial e-banking platforms
  • Commercial banking faster and real-time payment solutions
  • Enterprise limits & collaterals management
  • SME lending origination and servicing platforms
  • Commercial real estate & syndicated lending platforms
  • Trade, supply chain & working capital solutions
  • Customer onboarding, MDM and customer 360 degree solutions
  • Robotic Process Automation in various front, middle and back office operations

Challenges & Solutions

Integrated Commercial Banking Portal

  • Omni channel e-banking platform accelerators for requirements/user stores, screens, workflows, conceptual & technology architecture
  • Accelerators to develop integrating e-banking platforms with various industry leading payment, DDA, General Ledger, Identity access management and risk applications
  • Commercial Banking as a service

  • Creation of data lake and MDM solutions for commercial banking
  • Creating Microservices- for commercial banking functions
  • Digitization and Single Sign-on for Commercial banking

    Infosys Enterprise Entitlement Management Solution framework provides ability to provide single sign-on for banks’ legacy applications for payables, receivables, liquidity, trade finance, treasury and lending applications.

    Agile Implementation methodology through Model Bank approach

    We understand the complexity of re-vamping the e-banking platforms and getting them integrated with the enterprise services layer. To mitigate the risks, we have credentials, and are executing such programs through safe agile methodology.