Commercial Banking: Go AI-first into the Future

Many banks have experimented with AI in the past; however, they have always implemented siloed solutions, typically one-off instances achieving a specific purpose. Today, with AI being omnipresent, banks need to start looking at every critical business function internally as a potential candidate for AI enablement. Every new transformation initiative needs to be designed around AI touchpoints to make it better and more efficient. It is a change in mindset to begin with and this is what being an “AI-First” organization entail. To be successful, banks need to create this “AI-First” mindset to drive a successful adoption. The banks that are leading this race, are doing this right now.

The AI-First framework can help commercial banks build the data foundation and create an organizational readiness in an incremental manner for deploying AI; it helps banks in defining a structured roadmap for their AI journey based on their priorities.

Infosys is helping globally well-known brands create cutting edge AI and GenAI solutions through the Infosys Topaz framework. The experience gained through these programs is invaluable and often brought onto subsequent engagements.