Financial institutions are seeking to move past the experimentation stage to scale both traditional and generative AI across the enterprise. Their success depends on their ability to prioritize the most valuable use cases, which has proved challenging so far amidst industry regulations and obstacles.

Infosys Topaz for Financial Services offers an AI-First set of services, solutions, and platforms to enable financial institutions to maximize value from AI across people, processes, and technology. Our AI-First strategy for financial services focuses on nine key components across the following three layers: AI-First Growth, AI-First Core and AI-First Foundation. This approach has been designed to meet the requirements of all types of financial institutions, including retail and commercial banks, payments providers and wealth managers.


How we can help

Helping banks and financial services companies build an AI-First core.


Infosys Topaz for Financial Services' vision is supported by our Applied AI Platform.

This empowers financial services organizations to speed up the adoption of AI through a Value-Driven Discovery approach, which contrasts with the traditional method of focusing on siloed use cases.


The platform promotes democratization by providing an agnostic platform.

This platform is equipped with robust model pipelines, plug-ins, chains, and adapters. It also includes drag-and-drop functionalities that allow for the creation of custom chains for each use case, thereby enhancing reusability across the organization.


The platform includes a Responsible AI (RAI) gateway.

This gateway is designed to mitigate risks associated with AI implementation. It achieves this using automated RAI workflows, which codify the guardrails for each use case.
This comprehensive approach ensures that the platform is not only efficient and user-friendly, but also secure and responsible.

Our Offerings

Some of our Key Offerings form the Infosys Topaz Portfolio