AI & Automation


Cutting-edge solutions that reimagine new horizons of possibilities by unlocking data to power operational excellence and to launch new business models for today’s aspiring enterprise.

Unlocking the power of data to power transformation programs and innovative new business models is the anchor behind how our AI & Automation practice is re-imagining a new future of possibilities for our clients. Linking cutting-edge new technology to run business processes in a human-centric way is how we see a future of ‘smart AI.’ Every day, our teams re-imagine new horizons of value creation that enable people to do more while helping organizations realize operational efficiencies at scale.

A snapshot of our key AI & Automation offerings include:

  • Automation Acceleration: Robotic process automation offers immediate benefits, including cost savings and building resiliency. With our Navigator solutions, we help clients chart a course for sustainable, scalable growth, and build trust for the possibilities of automation technology across the enterprise. All while showing measuring ROI and a lens of unlimited use-case possibilities.
  • New Revenue Generation: Consumer expectations for today’s retail experience are changing. With MONETAIZE, retailers can go beyond traditional POS-based insights and use their proprietary loyalty data as both a tradeable currency and a lever to better optimize merchandising and promotional decisions. Through the power of AI, we unlock hidden or untapped revenue opportunities.
  • Responsible AI: Minimize business risks and maximize long term value by governing AI responsibly, with ethical principles that put people first. Our analysis has shown that organizations can increase operating margins by as much as 5% as they improve their Responsible AI Index (RAII) – that’s why we’ve created a framework to help our clients on their journey to responsible AI.

Our AI and Automation team is helping organizations all over the world to harness disruptive technologies to accelerate their initiatives and create measurable business value.

Drive operational excellence and win new markets.

To learn more, please contact our experts:

Americas Head: Albert Hahm
EMEA Head: Martin Weis