AI & Automation


Helping leaders transform their enterprise and disrupt their industry through smart automation.

We help companies find, frame and solve unique business problems that leverage artificial intelligence and automation to create measurable business value. As the workforce rapidly changes around us as new game-changing technologies take flight, we have a deep pulse on where and how to leverage automation across the enterprise in the most effective way possible.

Our goal is to enable people to do more while helping organizations realize efficiencies and operational excellence – at scale.

Our customized offerings include:

  • Road-mapping and business case planning
  • Business process assessment and redesign
  • AI and automation technology recommendations
  • Value hacks and automation factory to run programs
  • Center-of-excellence strategy and build-up

Our Infosys Consulting team is on the forefront of the burgeoning automation space and can help you to drive complex change that will make a bottom-line impact.

We help you implement disruptive technologies that will change how you operate.

To learn more, please contact our expert:

N. America, Europe and APAC regions: John Gikopoulos at