Rolling out digital workers of the future

Infosys Cognitive Automation Studio is a platform neutral offering that helps enterprises build a digital workforce to augment their human capital. It helps scale automation adoption and democratize it. With a repository of reusable components, it accelerates the implementation of automation programs by supporting faster cycles, reusability and cross-technology scripts, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Infosys Cognitive Automation Studio leverages a unique Microbot approach that allows bots to be turned into Workerbots and Digital Workers in order to perform a range of enterprise tasks and facilitate different levels of automation. This collection of Digital Workers forms the Digital Workforce. All these bots perform routine, non-value adding and repeatable work.

  • Microbots – These have a reusability score of 90%. They perform highly granular tasks such as login, extraction, publishing, updating, deleting, etc.
  • Workerbots – These have a reusability score of 50%. They collectively perform micro tasks to execute end-to-end activities such as ticket management, DB health check, customer KYC, invoice reconciliation, and many more
  • Digital Workers – These have a reusability score of 30%. They perform a collection of activities typically done by humans such as procurement requests and accounts payable processing. For security and auditing purposes, Digital Workers are given a unique identity

Support your existing investments in automation, and bring in new capabilities with Infosys Cognitive Automation Studio


Challenges & Solutions

The solution brings together components – pre built as well as new, in order help develop use cases across all technologies and automation platforms, thereby reducing cost and improving turn-around times. This serves as a common platform to monitor execution of all use cases helping you with low/no code automation

The solution provides a repository of reusable components across technologies - that can address repeatable, menial tasks. This helps free up the overburdened staff from mundane repeatable activities that otherwise would eat up into their time. Each resource can have a digital worker supporting them to make them more efficient instead

The studio reduces the risk of force-fitting solutions based on specific tools that compromise the solution and overload the technology footprint of a particular tool thereby improving service

The studio helps you with telemetry based visibility into detailed metrics at component and use case levels