Different financial institutions can have quite different requirements across their front, middle and back offices, and infrastructure, data, and client-facing functions. Our versatile AI-First strategy can help financial institutions adopt an AI-First operating model fit for the future.

Our AI-First strategy for financial services focuses on nine key components across the following three layers.

Together, Infosys Topaz Financial Services supports every need of financial institutions on their AI journey.

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  • The AI-First Foundation enables organizations to manage the lifecycle of AI deployments by: modernizing technology, infrastructure, and AI operations; managing talent and change; and Getting Enterprise Data Ready for AI. This is powered by our award-winning brand Infosys Cobalt. Part of the AI-First Foundation is our Responsible by Design AI3S suite, which covers AI risks and regulations specific to financial services, and it is a blueprint for responsible AI for other industries as well.
  • The AI-First Core supports back and middle office operations, such as FinCrime Operations, credit scoring, KYC & onboarding, regulatory compliance, fraud detection and customer service.
  • Finally, AI-First Growth augments front office operations by personalizing sales and marketing at scale, deepening client relationships, and improving portfolio management and product design, among other things.

The need to be Data-Ready is pivotal for scaling AI in the enterprise. Our blueprint for Getting Financial Services Enterprise Ready is supported by Smart Capabilities like Infosys Cognitive Data Analyzer, Zero Data Engineering, Operations Workbench, Data Collaborations Studio, Cognitive Experience Studio, and Infosys AI Brain.

Apart from AI platforms, contextualized offerings, and domain expertise, we provide more than two hundred real-life use cases, complete with sub-segment blueprints, that financial institutions can readily deploy to accelerate their journey to an AI-First state. Our AI offering is supported by our unrivalled partner ecosystem and specialist trained talent.

By partnering with Infosys to strategize and execute your AI plans your organization will benefit from operational efficiencies, faster decision making, error reduction, workflow improvement and process acceleration. Along with gaining from our culture of continuous innovation and development to ensure your organization is ready for a future driven by AI.


Challenges & Solutions

Through modernizing technology, infrastructure and AI operations, an AI-First Foundation can help you better manage talent and change, all while getting enterprise data ready for AI.

An AI-First Core strategy can support FinCrime operations, credit scoring, KYC & onboarding, regulatory compliance, fraud detection and customer service.

AI-First Growth can personalize sales and marketing at scale, deepen client relationships, and improve portfolio management and product design.