The last couple of years were marked by challenges in operational excellence and greater customer engagement for banks. In the lending and mortgage space, legacy platform replacement and business process optimization dominated transformation budgets in origination, whereas workflow and compliance dominated default functions.

Meet the ever increasing superior user experience and cutting edge functionality needs of retail customers across

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  • Omni-channel banking
  • Mortgage
  • Consumer lending
  • Personal financial management
  • Core banking systems
  • Consumer banking analytics

Infosys provides end-to-end services for consumer banking transformation that includes business case development, business process re-engineering, BA CoE, Product implementation and benchmarking of Digital Banking Channels along with a traditionally strong ADM suite.

We collaborate with internal technology labs and our new subsidiary EdgeVerve, to create and leverage best-in-class proprietary solutions in the channel banking and lending space to help our clients deliver superior experience to their customers while executing their business at enhanced efficiencies.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Assist Edge

A multi-channel Customer Care solution with capabilities including Intelligent FAQ, click to call, click to chat, agent dashboard, video calling and many more. The solution was implemented at a top 3 US bank and the largest telecom provider in the US. Assist edge can sense, influence, fulfil and serve the needs of digital consumers and leverage the potential of the existing bank’s ecosystems.

Infosys Location Based Services Platform

Infosys LBS is a horizontal platform which helps implementing any kind of Location needs of an enterprise (be it outdoor or Indoor tracking). It allows building location driven customized solutions quickly to address specific needs of enterprises.

Benchmarking framework for Digital Channels

Comprehensive framework to rate and benchmark Banking Channels( Online Banking, Mobile Banking etc) with the next generation capabilities required to deliver superior Customer experience.

Infosys CreditFinance Edge

  • Web-based solution that provides fully integrated master, primary and special Credit servicing functions in one product
  • Designed to provide global servicing capabilities through dynamic multi-language, multi-currency and multi-lending products
  • Platform architecture accelerates rapid onboarding and servicing variety of asset classes and credit types with minimal customizations
  • Business Intelligence engine delivers powerful on demand reporting, analytics and surveillance of lending portfolios