IT priorities for banks in a fast-moving landscape

In this byline published in digital Global finance magazine, Puneet Mody, Regional Head Financial Services North America, Infosys, explores research findings from the first edition of the Infosys Bank Tech Index – with three key trends identified as impacting banks.

Mody shares insights about what the biggest transformation underway in banking is and the role of talent in that race. Finding the right skills remains a critical challenge.

To address this issue, banks are retraining and reskilling their workforce and introducing initiatives such as pay transparency and role parity to attract and retain top talent.

Amid intensified demand for digital-first services, marked by personalization, automation, and seamless multi-channel integration, Mody adds that banks continue to focus on ecosystem integration and are making significant investment in open banking and APIs. While cloud enablement plays a pivotal role in modernizing banking systems, and open banking is here to stay, regulatory compliance and cybersecurity remains critical for North American banks.

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