Infosys Banking API Platform accelerates open banking and the digital/API banking journey by rapidly onboarding new third-party provider (TPP) collaborations and digital integrations with merchants. It comes with a set of best practices and offers a multitude of salient features.

Infosys Banking API Platform helps financial services to create the secure APIs internally and externally as per regional open banking compliances for consumers. Infosys Banking API Platform is developed in cloud native manner and tested on all major cloud platforms with collaborative partnership.

Faster Collaboration with FinTechs and Comply to Open Banking Standards

  • Reusable 1200+ API endpoints for multiple business domains of banking
  • Technical/API compliance for open banking regulations
  • Faster time to market
  • Ready-to-use data for sandbox environment   
  • Ease of collaboration with third-party providers
  • Enable customers’ new banking experience like conversational banking
  • Compatible with all major API Gateway products

Infosys provides open banking as a package which includes compliance solution of ready, domain categorized APIs. We also provide support of all major gateways and cloud platforms to democratize innovation.

Our platform helps to reduce time to market and acts like accelerator, by using our lightweight microservices components such as API Composer, a fully customizable developer portal. Consent management, integration channels for core banking systems give better integration experience. Along with implementation experience, our consulting team can add value with open banking domain and technical expertise.


Challenges & Solutions

Enterprises can quickly adopt to local regulatory APIs like Open Banking UK, PSD2 (Payment Service Directive 2, Europe), CDR (Consumer Data Rights, Australia), ReBIT (Reserve Bank of India IT, India)

Rapid collaboration with multiple external partners like aggregators, data recipients, and tenants in order to generate more revenue through API as a channel

Components built on cloud native principles to adopt existing infrastructure and reuse existing software

Can provide business and technical consulting to create roadmap for enterprise digital journey