While enterprises around the world harness AI's rapid advancements to unlock business value, they are also getting exposed to their fair share of risks like bias, security threats, privacy violations, copyright infringement, hallucinations, and malicious use, to name a few. Lack of transparency and mechanisms to enforce strong principles of Responsible AI are some of the key hurdles enterprises face.

The regulation and policy landscape is also evolving rapidly, and upcoming legislations like the EU AI Act are putting different obligations on all participants across the AI value chain to adopt specific standards and safeguards. It has now become imperative for enterprises to build technical and policy-driven guardrails to safeguard themselves against any hazards without which they could suffer from loss of reputation, incur hefty penalties from regulators, and face costly litigations from those adversely affected and cause irreparable harm to all stakeholders.

Infosys Responsible AI suite of offerings and services, part of Infosys Topaz, is designed to help enterprises navigate the complex technical, policy, and governance challenges related to embedding strong foundations of Responsible AI across the organization. These offerings have helped Infosys in its journey to become AI-first.

Infosys Responsible AI Suite of Offerings is built on the AI3S Framework, helping enterprises scope out, secure, and spearhead their AI investments.


Implementing Responsible AI in enterprises presents a unique set of challenges balancing innovation, ethics, legal compliance, and maximizing return on investments. Ensuring responsible AI practices throughout the supply chain, especially when using multiple AI systems, requires state-of-the-art technical, legal, and domain expertise.

Even with well-established guidelines and governance mechanisms, enterprises can encounter several challenges. Enterprises are caught in the “Responsible AI Gap” - an inability to translate principles and frameworks into tangible actions.

Our Responsible AI Suite is based on the AI3S framework of Scan, Shield, and Steer, built on an end-to-end autonomous platform approach to Scope, Secure, and Spearhead enterprises’ AI solutions and platforms.


Under the scan umbrella, we have a cohort of offerings, accelerators, and solutions for scanning internal compliance failures and collecting market intelligence

a. Infosys Responsible AI Watchtower: Leveraged for continuous monitoring of external regulation and policy changes, threats, vulnerabilities, risks, industry best practices, and technology advancements that impact Responsible AI solutions.

b. Infosys Responsible AI Maturity Assessment and Audits: Leveraged for gauging compliance readiness, discovering risks, analyzing gaps, and preparing roadmaps to scale Responsible AI in an enterprise.

c. Infosys Responsible AI Telemetry: This is leveraged for internal telemetry and monitoring the compliance status of AI systems; sense and predict violations ahead of time and alert the right stakeholders.


This umbrella of offerings consists of several accelerators and technical solutions for protecting AI models and systems from various risks and threats. The offerings are:

a. Infosys Responsible AI Toolkit: This is a technical offering that provides an assortment of solutions that integrate with your AI systems to protect against a variety of risks and supports all types of AI models, use-cases, data types, and areas such as AI security, fairness, explainability, and more.

b. Infosys Generative AI Guardrails: This is a moderation layer that is installed above generative AI systems for detecting and mitigating a variety of threats in the prompts such as personal identifiable information (PII) leaks, prompt injections, copyright infringement, toxic content requests, and the output for hallucinations, inappropriate contents according to organizational policies, and more.

c. Infosys Responsible AI Gateway: This is an automated Responsible AI platform that is embedded in the core systems and workflows of an organization, which ensures that responsible AI protocols are adhered to during all phases of the AI lifecycle, by integrating with the development environments, AI pipelines, MLOps and testing platforms, and other systems. It enforces “responsible by design” by providing an automated pathway and built-in safeguards for launching new AI projects.


This umbrella of offerings helps enterprises navigate their responsible AI journey and become leaders in the space, assisting them to setup, govern and manage a dedicated responsible AI practice. It provides legal consultation and contract reviews with vendors regarding AI systems. It also aids strategy formulation and achieves exceptional results in standardized audits and industry certifications. Lastly, the offerings help in advocating responsible AI standards for bringing uniformity.

Value for Enterprises

  • Robust automated model governance process and controls for audits, monitoring, and telemetry
  • Standardized and automated model life cycle management
  • Responsible metrics-driven decision-making in model development and post-deployment monitoring
  • End-to-end service offering by understanding current process maturity, implementing third-party platforms/deploying custom solutions, validating models for risks and standardizing processes
  • Backed by expert consultants who are well versed with regulation, industry, technology, and product trends and have experience in setting up AI COE
  • Leverage global partner alliances for bringing industry best practices and solutions as part of the implementation lifecycle
  • Accelerate responsible innovation by leveraging prebuilt accelerator kits
  • Fast track time to value for building custom responsible AI solutions using industry and function-specific use cases
  • Technology-agnostic custom solution development to address different facets of Responsible AI
  • Practical implementation knowledge based on experience of deploying hundreds of models in production for global clients

Challenges & Solutions

While enforcing Responsible AI, organizations tend to throttle innovation and progress with several manual checks and balances. Our automated technical and policy guardrails ensure that these checks and balances are embedded and enforced as per guidelines seamlessly across the AI lifecycle without the need for major human interventions. These solutions will manually scan your AI systems for any violations, irregularities, and risks and automatically mitigate the majority of the risks or alert human agents. Our offerings and services help transition management to responsible AI by reducing friction and embracing and internalizing RAI principles.

Different technical guardrails might not always be available per the customized AI use-cases, models, data types, and RAI principles. Our offerings offer comprehensive protection for all data types like text, structured data, images, speech, and audio and for all types of AI models, and different use-cases and purposes like detecting bias and enforcing fairness, improving transparency, protecting from security and privacy violations.

Tailoring RAI guidelines to suit the enterprise’s unique needs and complexity, while maintaining consistency and compliance can be daunting. Our offerings are highly customizable and scalable per different industries and business functions.

Continuously monitoring AI applications to ensure compliance with RAI guidelines and enforcing adherence throughout the AI lifecycle can be resource-intensive and complex. AI models and use cases are dynamic and ever-changing. Adapting to evolving regulatory requirements that may change over time necessitates agility and the ability to modify strategies and implementations accordingly. Harmonizing enterprise RAI guidelines with global standards and ensuring consistent adherence across different regions and jurisdictions can be a complex task due to varying regulatory landscapes. Our Infosys offerings continuously monitor the techno-legal landscape for recent threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and policy changes and accordingly adapt the guardrails.