The explosion of video data, fueled by the pervasive connectedness driven by digital transformation, presents innumerable opportunities for enterprises across the globe. Videos contain valuable information that is largely untapped. Organizations cannot extract value from their video assets due to inherent human cognitive limitations such as the inability to meaningfully sift through and utilize information embedded across large volumes of video repositories or feeds. Even if that were possible, relying on manual resources to monitor such reserves would incur significant cost. Moreover, there are significant challenges involved in storing, accessing, and managing video data.

Infosys Video Analytics overcomes these hurdles by enabling enterprises to identify scenarios and objects in video content and derive actionable insights. The solution follows a layered architecture with a data persistence layers, a data processing layer, and APIs for analytics services. Other layers include data mining, knowledge curation, and service curation. These can be developed as part of the solution customization.

Solution highlights

  • Adaptable model building: Provides training models to create new models and can also configure pre-built custom models
  • Flexible and scalable architecture: Designed to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow for centralized, distributed, cloud, edge, and hybrid deployment architectures
  • Easy integration: Allows easy integration with existing video cameras and video management systems (VMS) or with the repository of historical video data, thereby extending the value of existing infrastructure investments
  • Open and extensible: Built on open, standards-based, and extensible architecture to address a diverse set of computer vision use cases
  • Enhanced user experience: Provides real-time alerts and analytics on an incident in progress for predefined behaviors of people, vehicles, and objects
  • Continuous learning system: Incorporates a configurable deep learning capability that reduces false positives and drives continuous system improvements over time
  • Security and data privacy management: Enables secure system access with password and login controls according to standard guidelines

High-speed video processing using deep learning to generate precise real-time insights even at the edge

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Here are some of the key capabilities of Infosys Video Analytics:

  • Exposes and correlates valuable data with business performance metrics to drive business value
  • Leverages automation for monitoring, thereby minimizing errors
  • Optimizes operations, thereby reducing cost
  • Provides notifications on anomalies for rapid investigation
  • Can scale capacity to enhance process performance

Infosys is changing the game by enabling smarter retail and infrastructure automation with video analytics, leveraging NVIDIA Metropolis.


Challenges & Solutions

Our AI-based video analytics solutions can also offer a host of other capabilities such as demographic analysis, traffic analysis in smart cities, health and safety compliance, patient condition and status monitoring, security and surveillance, vehicle monitoring, and accessibility

The solution detects various hazardous events and accident scenarios such as presence of fire and smoke, absence of safety equipment like masks and helmets, and occurrence of leakages and contaminations

The solution detects sources of inventory shrinkage such as shoplifting, ticket switching, mis-scans, organized retail crimes, employee-assisted thefts, and non-checkouts. It leverages high-performance edge computing to detect anomalies in real-time, thereby reducing costs

Infosys Video Analytics eliminates the need for rework, reduces wastage, and initiates immediate corrective actions through real-time detection of quality defects, non-compliance, and anomalies in the production line

With this platform manufacturers can save on costs of repair and downtime by identifying equipment deterioration and scheduling maintenance beforehand

Infosys Video Analytics platform delivers a frictionless experience for customers. It uses camera feeds to detect what items a customer picks or puts back and accordingly processes the transaction in real-time. Delivering a frictionless checkout experience for retailers with minimal human intervention is a core differentiator of this solution

Infosys Video Analytics can correct faulty planogram compliance for retailers, allowing them to drive sales through effective visual merchandising and enhanced visibility

Video analytics assists in the development of precise visual merchandising strategies by monitoring the behavior of store traffic, hot and cold zones, and customer dwell points. Such information helps enhance customer experience, optimize store performance, and reduce operational costs, thereby increasing profitability

Infosys Video Analytics analyzes real-time customer demographic data to give personalized and highly relevant product recommendations in the store and craft compelling customer journeys. It improves product discovery, thereby increasing cross-selling, up-selling and purchase frequency. By analyzing in-store customer interactions and detecting buyer preferences as well as in-store behavior, the solution offers intelligence that complements other omni-channel capabilities