Accelerating AI in Risk, Compliance and Security Management

AI-First means considering AI before other options for solving a problem. However, it is important to note that when it comes to risk and compliance the AI solution must necessarily be transparent and explicable; a “black box” will never pass regulatory scrutiny.

A progressive increase in AI usage and AI-related risk is inevitable. Going forward, financial institutions will need wider-reaching measures to stay on top of the increasing risk and the additional compliance mandates that will follow. Besides setting up governance frameworks and controls internally, banks should work with fintech companies to create better AI tools for risk and compliance.

In this document, learn how Infosys have built detailed AI use cases based on our engagements with global financial services firms. Along with our own technology capabilities and robust Responsible AI framework, we bring industry partnerships and alliances to help our clients take an AI-first approach for Risk & Compliance into the future.