The client is a leading American financial services corporation and asset management company.

As part of digital transformation initiative, the client was looking to upgrade the existing legacy application batch process to an open-source technology stack. Infosys helped in eliminating the high licensing cost, building a complete QA automation suite and moving the application to an efficient cloud ready solution.

Key Challenges

  • Complex Design with zero documentation: A complex and obsolete business logic written in legacy technology and had absolutely zero documentation which incurred humongous analysis for reverse engineering.
  • Performance Bottleneck in current design: Leading to potential batch SLA risk.
  • Manual Validation: Low test coverage leading to more defects and lesser stability.
  • High Licensing Cost: High annuity spends due to software licensing costs.

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The Solution

Approach for the Success of Engagement

  • Pre-planning: Brainstorming and technical upskilling.
  • Planning: Fusion generated idea to use framework feature, leading to low code and rapid development. Project plan tracked meticulously.
  • Execution: Code refactoring and SQL tuning eliminated possibility of SLA breach. Built solution accelerators that resulted in effort reduction. Comprehensive documentation done for future use. CICD adoption for code movement to production environment.
  • Closure: Thorough functional and automated testing, inspection and demo done with SMEs.
  • Regular Cadence: Appraised customer on the burnt down details and agile artifacts. Weekly status reporting.
Approach for the Success of Engagement

    • Migrated application to open source technical stack with 12 factor cloud ready solution.
    • Leveraged framework and inbuilt features that made work easy with low code. This also resulted in faster development and 20% effort reduction
    • Usage of metadata, restartability and configuration easily identified bottleneck.
    • Automated solution to compare source and target helped in effort reduction of about 30% during regression.


Eliminated high licensing cost ~1M USD through open source adoption.

30% effort reduction during testing with the help of developed solution accelerators.

100% QA automation and maximum test coverage.

Enhanced the decision making and prioritization for future development

Efficient and cloud ready solution implemented, this resulted in SLA risk reduction.

Minimized the interaction with vendors on clarification/issues

Comprehensive documentation for all jobs, which can be used for future reference.

Assignment of reported issues to the right team for resolution, hence faster resolution of issues

Zero defect delivery