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Infosys Transaction Reconciliation System (ITRS)

ITRS is a unified solution that helps banks automate and centralize their reconciliation across multiple channels. ITRS reduces costs by offering a simple and easy-to-use tool for bank employees to perform reconciliation tasks and functions. With automation and optimization, the solution helps reduce the need for manual interaction and increases performance through auto-matching and straight-through processing.

Reconciliation is crucial for financial oversight. Automated reconciliation reduces cost by streamlining operations and improving productivity and efficiency. Financial enterprises are constrained by exponential growth in transaction volume, complexity of transactions, increasing volume of data, narrow processing periods, and statutory regulations.

ITRS harnesses process inclusivity to deliver best-in-class transaction matching and reconciliation functions. The comprehensive system addresses end-to-end reconciliation requirements – from source loading to exception management and resolution. Our solution architecture enables efficient execution of reconciliation tasks, thereby reducing costs and accelerating turnaround time.

ITRS is now ready for AWS Cloud deployment, to take advantage of an open, flexible, agile and secure infrastructure available from AWS.

Infosys Transaction Reconciliation System (ITRS)