The payments industry is undergoing a massive disruption due to various factors like changing consumer preferences, increased competition, regulatory interventions, technology led innovations and cost pressure. This has led many banks to revisit their operating models and consider innovative payment and card solutions to differentiate and lead with a competitive edge.

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services, and we are committed to steer our clients through a smooth digital transformation journey. We offer our clients end-to-end core and digital payments credentials, expertise in data technologies and infrastructure, a wide suite of accelerators and integrators and an extensive partnership landscape.

We enable the clients to differentiate, drive business and reduce costs through a real time payments ecosystem.

Infosys is a Full Stack player – from experiences design all the way to the payment operations. There are solutions will help Banks, Digital Bank, Networks, Acquirer/Processors to differentiate and drive business

  • Unlocking Business Value with Real-time Payments solution

    With our deep Payments business and technology understanding and formidable track record, Infosys has propelled many Payments schemes and large banks alike to think through challenges, envision a strategy and win in these truly challenging but exciting times.

  • Marketplaces

    We help devise channels that go beyond banking service offerings; covering end to end service of a typical business value chain making banking truly incidental, commoditized or invisible

  • Payments as a Service

    We facilitate Bank to bank payments bypassing clearing systems; POBO and COBO service offering by 3rd parties and payments bank ecosystems of large corporates is aggressively disrupting in traditional banks intermediated clearing and settlement models

  • Adopting ISO20022

    We have a 3-stage proven framework and methodology for ISO20022 business analysis and translation capability design to match any organization’s unique needs.

    We help in payments message standardization across schemes - domestic or cross-border to sustain competitive position & achieve interoperability amidst various CSMs.

  • API Store for Payment Operational Efficiency

    We help enablement of commoditized APIs for easy plug and play on our open banking platform API store; can address specific areas of value chain visualization, validation and enrichment, payment repairs for process efficiencies and cost efficiencies.

Curated Experiences

Curated Experiences

We help clients curate and achieve renewed experiences to effectively monetize and differentiate by leveraging real time and highly personalized payment capabilities

Real Time Innovation

Real Time Innovation

We facilitate an innovation-driven launch pad for the products of tomorrow.

Personalized Insights

Personalized Insights

We enable effective real time marketing, decision making and visualization by using data lakes and performing bigdata driven predictive analyses

Next Gen Partnerships

Next Gen Partnerships

We can help our clients leverage the power of fintech ecosystem to drive innovation and offer compelling Financial solutions and derive maximum synergy.

Risk Free Processes

Risk Free Processes

We offer surefire innovative and streamlined payment processors to provision Next-Gen Payments

Positioned to drive the next wave of payments innovation in your organization. Infosys helps clients stay ahead of the curve.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Experience Led Commerce offering identifies gaps in both the shopping and payments experience and fills them with meaningful interactions to meet consumer expectations and drive client revenue.
  • Studio Next helps clients deliver new and differentiating strategies, customer journeys, services, products, and experiences.
  • Data Design and AI offering to provide actionable insights that can be used to create engaging human experiences at point of purchase and beyond, building loyalty and advocacy.

  • Next -Gen Payments services help improve process and cost efficiencies and solutions created in partnership with cloud services to industry wide data problems.
  • Payment Vendor selection framework helps to integrate the needs of the organization with the latest products and fintech's to create a vision and lasting results

  • Our unique framework for ISO20022 business analysis and translation capability design to match your Financial Institution’s needs.
  • Merchant Modernization capabilities enabled by human-centric design capabilities and cloud transformation

  • Infosys Consulting helps to derive maximum synergy through a unique research-backed ethnography and design thinking based ‘Go to Market’ approach specific to payments and cards